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BN UNI-KIT for UR5/UR5e, UR10/UR10e and UR16e.

  • Built-in Swivel system eliminates load on hoses and cables = Increased life
  • Easy and quick installation with BN UNI-KIT
  • Easy modification of system
  • Maintenance free
  • Material eliminate load on Pneumatic tubing
  • Optimize your robot installation – Low weight – reduces impact on Universal Robot UR 5 & 10
  • Wide range of accessories

Technical Information for BN UNI-KIT

  • BN UNI-KIT is made in POM & PA6 with steel bearings
  • Temp. range – 400C to + 980C
  • Weight 0,4 kg.
  • Designed for Robot installations
  • BN Swivel design provide free movement for robot with minimum wear on cabels and hoses and offers at the same time an effective protection
  • Maintenance free

Compatible with:

  • UR5
  • UR5e
  • UR10
  • UR10e
  • UR16e
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BN UNI-KIT in size NV 48 is not supplied with BN UNI-TOP
Note: BN UNI-kit for UR10 can be delivered with 2 or 3 BN swivel if needed.

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