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Cobot Kits

Protection kits for cables and hoses on cobots

These customized protection systems are developed for a wide range of different types of assignments. They are quick and easy to install on your robot arm and can be moved swiftly if needed.  Applied with holders and strip bands, setting up these kits demands no beforehand experience.

The BN Uni-kit is a light-weight solution with a built-in swivel function that secures your cables and hoses on to the robotic arm. Available in many different sizes and diameters, which can be changed or adjusted if you change the setup.

BN Uni-kit Flex is perfect for 3D movement and are able to perform even in tight installation spaces. The design of the flexible abrasion protection sleeve makes attachment of cable and hoses effortless.

Adjustable to fit any installation

Our protection kits come in a several different lengths and diameters and will fit any UR robot installation.

When the right size is chosen, location the holders onto your robotic arm will make sure that the kit is safely installed and stay where it is placed. Supplementary holders, strip bands and other accessories are available for extraordinary setups.