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Conduits for robots

PMA offers several types of conduits for robots. There are essentially two types of conduits: the new multilayer and the standard conduit in various materials depending on the desired properties.

The multilayer conduit stands out for its friction-reducing interior and built-in wear indicator. Here, it is possible to take advantage of the benefits of using two different types of materials in the hose. This can provide improved performance, durability and reliability in a variety of applications.

The standard conduits, on the other hand, is available in a range of materials such as polyurethane and PA, each with their own unique benefits.

Regardless of the type of conduits, PMA’s robotic conduits are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

PMA’s robotic conduits all have a very long service life according to the tests below.

PMA tests all of their robotic conduits according to EN 61386 using their own tests, PMA DO 9.21-4425 and PMA DO 9.21-4420.

Conduits for robots

XTPC multilayer slange

XTPC multilayer

Latest generation with even better dynamic properties for torsional movements.

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Flexible conduits with a long service life for moving applications on robots.

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xr90 multilayer flexslange

XR90 multilayer

Higher compression strength while maintaining the dynamic properties.

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r90 flexslange


Jumo size robotic conduit with high flexibility and long life in dynamic movements.

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PUE flexslange


The most flexible conduit for robots made of specially modified polyurethane.

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The classic and proven conduit made of high-quality PA 12 material.

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Antistatic conduit especially suitable for dynamic applications.

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